Hubert Senters here. In yesterday’s video I was asking a question which one do you like better, was it Amazon or was it Apple? So I’m going to walk you through which one I like better now. I like them both. They’re really good companies. Really good stocks to trade. I don’t think you can go wrong either way one way or the other. They’re both solid. If you look at Amazon, Amazon’s ADX down here at $16.69. It’s not terrible but it could be a slightly better. It’s obviously in good mood. It’s trending well but anytime the ADX drops below $20 I tend to stay away from it. And then wait until it creeps either back towards $20 which is doing a decent job right now. You can see how it’s bottomed down right here at $12.81. And it’s right now at $16.69. It’s headed towards $20 so that’s good. It’s a one day above the cloud. It’s above the turning, standard line. It’s two days above the cloud now. So then when we zoom out here if we compare that to Apple, AAPL you can see that there are already above $20. I would probably pick Apple over Amazon but your lose is going to be depending on the day. And Amazon is right there in two, three days. Its ADX will also be above $20. But you can see that Apple’s in a little bit better trending environment. They’re pretty close though. I don’t think you could go wrong one way or the other. I think Amazon did a little bit more of a pullback than Apple did. But it’s really close. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.