Hey, this is Mark covering for Hubert for a couple of days while he travels here. Let’s take a look at a strategy that absolutely nailed the sell off yesterday in the stock market. This is a strategy that Hubert got originally from a couple of friends of his on the Forex space and they were using this to trade forex pairs and the strategy was doing really well. So Hubert asked if we could investigated our create on own version of this if you will and make some customizations to see how well it did with stocks and futures and options, etcetera. And it turns out it’s a great strategy so absolutely nailed the move yesterday. Here’s how it works. You’ve got the open over here on the left hand side right there and then right after the open we know that prices started to tank, hit the first red line right here. This was the original sell signal right there, hit profit target one right there. Very quickly as prices continue to fall profit target two and then ended up falling all the way down to the closing ession. So the strategy absolutely nailed it getting an early with a short position or if you’re an options trader you could have traded or purchased put options there and did a really amazing job. It has been doing really well in the markets as of late and all the volatility is really great for the strategy. Now, tomorrow’s video I’m going to show you another indicator that works incredibly well at the strategy and also the other indicator was flashing sell even before the open of yesterday’s session so those two together absolutely nailed the sell off yesterday. And I’ll show you how that works in tomorrow’s video. Thanks for watching and good luck trading. Mark.