Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Cisco, CSCO breaking out today. Has been in a valid uptrend for pretty much half of August going all the way into the beginning of October here in a few weeks. Looks pretty good. Could potentially get as high as $54. We’re going to throw a Fibonacci on this thing here and see exactly where it’s going. This is a perfect pattern to do it with as you can see there’s a low, there’s a high, there’s a high or low so I’m going to grab our tool and there’s no right or wrong. Well, there is right or wrong ways. There’s better and better ways of doing it and wrong. And I know this is not a word and wrong ways to do it. But you can draw from this low here, click there and then go to this high and then go to that low and as you can see point one, point two and point three is telling us is $48.83, $49.72 and $50.26. Now, if I was drawing from this low we can grab this and just recalculate that and grab it and it’ll just recalculate lines for us. That’s a little bit different but not terrible, $49.68 $50.89 and $51.64. It’s going to depend on if you’re going to start your low from here or from here. I’m going to be hosting the last live webinar. I don’t have anything else on the calendar for this Insider Trading Summit so if you’ve missed the first one or two, you can come to this one. It will be Sunday, September 23rd at 7PM EST, ‘’See How You Can Potentially Reap Huge Profits Following Insider’s Trade.” All you have to do first name, last name, e-mail address, put your telephone number right there and then hit RESERVE MY SEAT. Now, heads up, GotoWebinar still only holds a thousand people and so far there’s been over 3,000 people register for this webinar and a couple of occasions people have been locked out so I don’t want that to happen to you so we’ll try to open up the room a little earlier. Okay. Good luck. Hope it helps. Have a great weekend. And I’ll see you on the webinar. Hubert.