Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Crude Oil. Crude Oil has sold off what the rest of the market has gone a little double bound to your next place. I think Crude Oil is going is $68 to $72. Now, if you can’t trade futures. I understand not everybody is crazy like me and trading futures you can trade something like USO, an ETF, that’s going to basically mirror what Crude Oil is doing next. It’s not that expensive $12.59. There you have it. If you’ve never thought about trading the ETF, trade the ETF then you could hedge it with futures. You can also – I mean you can do it with some other oil stock, CV, you can do it with Chevron. You can do it with any other thing that has a lot of crude oil in it other than USO. You can do ExxonMobil, XOM. Let’s see ExxonMobil. Nope, it’s going the opposite direction. That won’t work let me find you on that. There you go. It’s not a perfect correlation but it looks a lot like Crude Oil. It’s just a tad behind but it’s got the same pattern, EOG. It’s a little bit more expensive so you’re probably better off trading the ETF in that situation. Good luck. Oh wait! I forgot to tell you we’re having a webinar, Friday at 12PM Eastern. Let me hyperlink you to that page. Mark Helweg and I we’re going to be doing a special webinar ‘’The Simple Hedge Fund Strategy,’’ Friday, February 23rd at 12PM Eastern Time. Click CLAIM MY SPOT NOW to register for the webinar. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.