Hubert Senters here.

I had a question from a viewer Can you answer this? Thanks. Hello Hubert. I had a quick question about COTY which I have on the chart right now. Do we enter at the close of the next day meaning 12/11? So let me put this hash mark thing on here, 12/11. Yeah. Exactly. So it depends.

You can do a couple of different ways. It’s great question though. But yeah. So what you do is you first you bracket this trade a long above $9.37 or a short below $8.49. And as soon as that market opens up if it’s a trade above you would enter it real quick. Okay. And you get your pre-determined stop-loss and you kind of know what your target is out there. Now, so it depends if you’re going to do an Intra-day trade above or a close above.

And it’s slightly different so yes you would do it on that very next day. So if you’re doing a trade above you’d enter write it like $9.38, right. Like one penny above that and you could just have a pending order just ready to rock and roll and get a feel on an OCO or an OSO order depending on what you’re doing.

Now if you’re more of a swing trader and you’re going to wait for that sucker to close well then your entry will be slightly different. You would internet at the close of today’s bar which would be $9.66 so you’re going to trade it dramatically different if you’re doing an Intra-day entry or an overnight and a close above that line so make sure that you do have you’re plan accordingly.

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Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.