Hubert Senters here. Got a question from Kyle. I’m a follower of you for many years and a big fan of Ichimoku cloud. Recently, I started exploring day trading opportunities and I have a question: Is it worth to look at Ichimoku cloud if it comes to 1min/5min timeframes. It’s worth it. You’re just going to get a lot of false signals. The lower the timeframe the more signals you’re going to get so you’re going to have to be really good at filtering the ones that are not going to work for you. Seems like small timeframes don’t care as much exactly so usually the smallest timeframes I go down to on Ichimoku cloud indicator is about 10 minutes. Below that is a little bit more inconsistent I think but it can be done. It just takes more experience. Let’s take a look at a stock really quick. Mark Helweg is going to have a special webinar this week on ”The Simple Way to Trade These Complex Market Conditions.” It will be Tuesday, November 10th at 8PM EST. Click the CLAIM YOUR SPOT NOW to register for the webinar. This is what he’s going to be talking about. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.