Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at CDNS, Cadence Design Systems. Breaking way it basically barely didn’t touch. It got really close. It’s breathing all over the cloud. And then seven days vertical up movement which probably going to continue higher. I want to walk you through when I look for when the ADX is below $20. So the theory that we like to go on around here is if the ADX is below $20 it will go from yellow to red. And red means leave me alone until I get a better mood. So this would be trending. This would be non-trending. Now, here you can see it’s actually been basically straight up for a week. Now, the ADX on a daily is laggy because we’ve got to sit to a 14-period so you can obviously you can mess with that. You can come in here and just mess with the setting and you could go on an input. Let’s just go 5 days. And that’s going to change your outlook on it as you can see. Now, it’s trending so you can do that but if you don’t want to do that another trick that I do is I’ll just keep it on the 14. And what I’ll look for is as long as it’s headed towards $20 then it’s takeable for me so you can see where this kind of bottomed out right here. So and then it started headed towards $20 so that’s what I’m looking for even though it’s below $20 on a 14 period ADX. I can still potentially take the trade but making sure that the ADX has bottomed. It’s not going any lower and it’s headed back towards $20. Steven Brooks is doing a final I think it is on core webinar on How to Generate Weekly Income with Options. Very simple and effective way to trade. I have checked it out. I think you’re going to like how simple it is and how effective it can potentially be for you. Webinar is going to be Saturday, December 19th at 10AM EST. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.