Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at HP. So this has been in my scans here and for the past three days has been going up so I’m going to walk you through stuff I look for breakout trades. Pretty simple. First, we’re going to figure out if it’s breaking out or not and I use Ichimoku for that above or below the cloud and then I’ll zoom down to 60 or 10 minute chart. Then I throw this little magic piece of software on the chart which then tells me if it’s worth my time and how it works. As you can see right down here, it’ll say I’m going to have ATR, an Average True Range risk of $1.17. I’m OK with that as long as that stays below $2. So then it tells me my entry would be $64.63 and my stop-loss would be this blue line. This is going to be target my target 1, this is going to be my target 2. And then eventually this blue line here trails me out and if you would have taken that trade you would have had a $4.9 X return on your entry versus your risk map. That should make total sense to you. Second trade on this one. There’s one thing that you can’t do. You can’t you can’t time travel so this one says my risk is $0.91. But the entry would have been right here that weren’t available because it gapped all the way up. So in that situation if I was not already in it because I wouldn’t because I’ve been in here and then exit here for $4.9 X return, this one gaps up above it so I’ve got two choices I need to just let it go and wait for this next trade to happen or I can enter it at target 1, target 2. And hopefully it’ll go to target 3. I don’t recommend that. I would recommend not doing that. I would recommend going and waiting for the next trade set-up but if you did let’s say you did it and you didn’t take my advice you would make a $16.9% return on your entry minus your risk but you’d have to add some to that, it take a little bit of that off because they had a gap situation you had to deal with it. This next one here you go. An entry of $71.38, a stop of $17.94 ATR risk of looks like $1.07. You have $1.07 and you’re already approaching target 1 right here. And then it pulled back and then you’re right there on your entry. So that’s how you do it. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.