Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at the bond market. So in this video, we’re going to cover the range of what the bonds are doing and the direction. So let’s cover the direction first and foremost. We’ve got the bonds. They are above the cloud. So I want to make sure that I’m on for the most part staying long if I can. Now, in this case we’re going to be talking about a counter trend trade too that you can do.

But there’s a couple options you got. Number one, it’s still going up on a daily so the long side is going to be the better side as long as the price action is above the cloud. Now the way you have to be careful on it because you can see you like here’s the top and it’s been going down one, two, three, four then sideways and then down two days.

So what we do is we use a little cheater method here, a little quick little hack. We’re on a 60 minute timeframe. If you’re long and you see this thing drop below a 60 minute cloud heads up you need to tighten up that stop. You need to potentially think about getting out at that position. Now, you can either go flat out of your long position or and you can stay flat or you can get aggressively short.

And by aggressively I mean you’re going to watch it like a hawk. You’re not going to get married to this thing. So when it drops below the cloud here we’ve got one that’s a half a day to the downside. Here’s a full day to the downside you’re usually going to have anywhere from three to five days to the downside so if you want to short that stuff you can, just make sure that you watch it. You got to stop-loss.

And I’m doing this video. It’s Friday. So I wouldn’t meet potentially out if I did do the short today I would cover it before the end of the day because I know I’m not going to have enough range to play with because it’s Friday. On the next video we’ll discuss how to figure out how much range to deal with and whether to do an 8 tick reversal or a 16 tick reversal.

I’m going to be doing a special live bond trading boot camp Sunday at 6PM EST. It’s going to take about two and a half three hours to teach you what I know about trading bonds on the 30 year bond, the 10 year note, the 2 year note, the 5 year note and the bund. If you want to buy a ticket of that I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the shopping cart and you can put in all your information and grab a ticket for that and I’ll see you Sunday. I will see you on the next video.