Hubert Senters here. Hopefully you had a profitable week. Let’s take a look at Baidu. The symbol is BIDU. Obviously, it had a nice little breakout today. So this is what we call a touch and go and what we’re looking for here is number one something that’s above the cloud. This whole thing right here is called the cloud. And then what we’re looking for something that is above the turning line which is the yellow line. And it comes down and kisses the yellow line and then takes off and goes higher. We call that a touch and go or a kiss. Now, a slingshot trade which is not a perfect slingshot trade but a slingshot trade looks kind of like this where you go below the yellow. We actually touch the purple and in case we didn’t do that. And then you slingshot and then trade higher than the turning line. Unfortunately, that’s not a perfect slingshot but if I figure it out I would share that with you. Trade Thirsty is hosting a multi speaker event called Toast to Traders this weekend Saturday, February 20th at 9AM EST. Here are you speakers Steven Brooks, Mark Helweg, Troy Noonan and Dan Passarelli. If you would like to attend this webinar then scroll down. Look at the topics and of their subjects that they’re going to cover under their topics and then the times they’re speaking. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.