Hubert Senters here. I got a question from Matus. It says Hello, Do Hubert Senters use for his trades in Inner Circle membership stop loss? So basically what Matus is asking here. I know that risk management is very important for successful trading. But I don’t see in Inner Circle membership stop loss for his trades. Yeah. The reason I don’t put individual stop losses on the picks is because everybody is going to have slightly different stop loss. Like my risk maybe tighter or loser than what yours is. But what we do teach you in the Ichimoku Cloud Charting Secret course is to use the parabolic SAR. And how to go through like a 15-minute little profits to dial in your own stop loss so you never have to deal with it again because everybody’s stop loss is really different. When I was growing up and learn how to trading a lot of people would say that the 2 percent right here like just never risk more than 2 percent. What I was comfortable losing is point 5 percent so a half of 1 percent on risk capitals what I was ok with where in the normal was 2 percent so. What we do is we teach you how to use the parabolic SAR inside the cloud structure and how to dial in your own individual stop loss. I think it’s better than me saying hey, this what my stop loss is. And then you kind of figure out if you’re ok with it not. Account size is important. Trading experience is important. And the amount of the risk reward ratio that you’re trying to play with is really important so. I would just go back through the course. If you don’t have it. Buy it. Buying on webinar would be cheaper than buying on the website obviously. And then dial in on your own individual stop loss using the parabolic SAR and going through that little 15-minute module so you do it one time and then you kind of know what it is all the time. You don’t have to do it every single time. It’s not going to take you 15 minutes to figure out what your stop is. After your dialed them in the thing you know with me what you’re doing with. Trade Thirsty is doing their annual Tradegiving. It is happening November 27th at 9am EST. Here is your line up of speakers. Here is what they are talking about. You all know how webinars work. Click here to register. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.