Hubert Senters here. In yesterday’s video, we were talking about you still have all kinds of opportunities and crypto currencies. My go to trading platform I use Coinigy. It is a subscription platform you’re going to have to pay on a monthly basis. But the cool thing about it has a lot of different exchanges so over here on the left you’re going to see a lot of exchanges. And I can go up and down that list and it just keeps on going and going and going here. I’ll scroll down so you can see. Let me grab my camera. You can go see it. Keep on going and goin. So in this example I’m looking at the KRKN exchange so it’s not like stocks where you’ve got the Nasdaq, the NYSE and that’s the exchange that trade on. They can trade on several different exchanges so if we’re looking at KRKN and if I’m looking at the ETC versus USD this will also trade on a different exchange. It have a slightly different price which is cool. You can also go — let’s say you want to go ETH versus Ether or let’s say you want to go Bitcoin or Ripple or any of that other stuff you can find it here. Ripple versus the Canadian dollar. Ripple versus the Euro. Ripple versus JPY. Ripple uses versus the US dollar so you can do all that stuff with Coinigy. You can also link this up to your different accounts at the exchanges you trade on so take a look at that. One of my go to platforms for crypto investing and trading Coinigy. And I’ll show you how you spell it out there, COINIGY. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.