Hubert Senters here.

In yesterday’s video, we were talking about how we were able to make another thousand dollars in the bonds by sticking to our plan and then now we have another plane today so I want to walk you through modifications and you still have to have a framework in play within that rulebook. But you can make modifications to it.

But my advice would be just don’t break the rules just to break the rules you’re trading account is not like that. So we had a nice little sell off into the cloud which is on a daily swing trader like that’s a don’t touch me. And then this morning we were in the cloud on the 60 which was basically a don’t touch me. Now, the smaller time frame that I’ve trade is a 10 minute as you can see on this chart.

So what I’m looking for here. I did a modified bond breakout, a sneak attack this morning. There’s two different techniques I could use. I could just do it on the breakout first thing this morning or I could wait until I got a 10 minute buy signal above the cloud. Both are valid. I chose to do the sneak attack trade.

And now as you can see the trade is starting to work a little bit better force. This is the smaller timeframe green dot. This is the medium timeframe that would be the hourly. So this is a 10 minute, a 60, and the daily. The daily still in the cloud which is hey be careful. Now, I’m now going into this trade that I’m in into a 60 minute potential buy so I know I should be good for about three days to the high side and now I’m already on it.

Now, all I’m going to do is I’m in that trade just with a one lot on the TY and you can see initially I was risking $156. And so the risk was here and now bumped that up to 121’21.5 so now I’m $78. And then when the market opens up later this evening at 6PM EST. I’ll just stop again so I’ve got two options I can go ahead and risk the $78.13 or I can do break even or slightly above break even.

But for me I’m just half in my risk from $156 to minus $78 and seeing if this thing will run for me. And then once again once the market closes at 5PM EST opens back up at 6PM EST I can modify the stop-loss.

I’m going over this type of information on a webinar Wednesday, March 6th at 8PM EST. Click the big yellow button that says CLAIM MY SPOT NOW to register for the webinar.

Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.