Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at Soybeans, Corn and DVA as an ETF. Heads up, full disclosure I am pre-recording this video because I’ll be on the road Monday and Tuesday. I hate recording videos on the road. It’s just a pain in the ass. But anyway, I’m going to walk you through. So if you’re going to say man, it’s not the price of Soybeans today. Yeah. I’m doing this video at like 7. I’m sorry 1PM EST on a Sunday afternoon because I’m getting ready to catch a flight.

So you’re probably viewing this video on a Monday so with the talks between Trump and China going halfway decent we should get a little spark in the sell-off that we’ve had in both Soybeans, Corn and or DVA so I like the Soybean straight because it looks a little stronger. You can see it’s above the cloud.

Now, it’s kind of doing a little bottom fishing trade here so it will be long Soybeans with a potential stop-Loss of $876 and 6/8 with the potential first target around $936. Let’s take a look at Corn real quick. Corn is not as bullish if it breaks the cloud and can get above that area of $379 and an 8th that would be a decent long with a potential target of $388 and 5/8.

Now some of you probably don’t trade Soybeans or Corn because it’s a commodity and it’s a futures contract so let’s take a look at DBA which will be an ETF. It is an agriculture ETF so.

All you get to do is wait for this thing to cross slightly above the cloud out there about $17.50. Stop-loss will be around $17.20. First, potential target would be around $17.80. And then after that you’re just going to stair a step-up and hopefully it’ll eventually hit around $19.

Now, like I said in the previous video I’m going to do another live webinar on ‘’ The 1% Club.’’ And you can see this is the one that we hosted and on the 30th and there’s 4,000 people signed up for it and 1,200 people. GoToWebinar locks you out at about a thousand people. Some people will log in, log out. That’s what the number says 1,217. That’s why I’m describing that stuff so.

And then we did another one. And once again we had 1300 attendees on that and so it’s locking up every time. I’m going to try to do them until that stops happening to give everybody an opportunity to actually see the presentation so I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the registration page if you’ve already seen it.

You don’t have to come. If you haven’t seen it because you keep getting locked out. I’m also going to unlock the room anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes before the webinar which is Wednesday at 8PM EST so I’ll unlock the room probably around 7:30PM EST.

Good luck. Hope it helps. I’ll see you on the next video.