Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Amazon. The symbol is AMZN. You probably know that though. Let’s take a look at here. Let’s take a look at the bounce off affect here in Amazon. I still like it. Full disclosure long Amazon promo substantially later. Sold off into the turning line. Closed one day below the standard line and then snapped that back close above the turning line. So it’s a nice little aggressive buy signal will follow. Let’s see if the 60-minute agrees. Well, yes it does. So when you’re looking at this — so you’re doing a major long trade. And then if you want to hedge when it breaks below the cloud you can short it. You have to know how to do that with options and stuff like that or you can just do it on futures. But you also have another buy signal today, so you should get more follow through on Amazon to this most recent highs of $1450. And you might even get $1487 and the new high is around $6500 so take a look at Amazon. One of the few things that didn’t actually go crazy when the entire market went crazy so I still like some Amazon. I am going to be hosting a special webinar with my friend Keith on ‘’An Investor’s Guilty Little Secret.’’ One of the things you’re going to learn is right here, how to master a little known but highly profitable financial anomaly proven to exist in every market on earth except for the Tokyo Stock Exchange. So I’m going to hyperlink you to this form. Click this big blue button that says CLAIM MY SPOT NOW and that will register you for the webinar which is going to take place Thursday, February 15th at 7:00 PM Eastern time. Now, heads up! Wednesday is Valentines Day. Don’t forget that or you’ll be in the doghouse both male and female. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.