Hubert Senters here. Got a question from Marc. Hubert, There is much talk about the launching of Airbnb on the stockmarket. However in Europe/the Netherland is starting a lawsuit (compensation act) because Airbnb charges 2 times a fee (comission). One for owner and one for the renter. Consumer organisations are filing for millions euro’s backpayments. Is that known over there (US)? It may be known in the US Marc. I didn’t know it. I don’t think it would matter so. When you look at stuff, investing in stuff it doesn’t matter for things that are profitable or not. I mean there’s tons of stocks in the market that are profitable and don’t make a dime and people still trade them. And you can give in to the worldo f cryptos and that stuff is even sketchy or so. I don’t think it will matter even if Europe and those even Airbnb and lawsuit it won’t matter as much over on the US stock market as much because most of their business is in the US. I would assume. But no, I don’t think it would matter and I know probably still go public. And it will be a tradeable stock whether it goes up or down. You can place your bets if you think it’s going to go high or long or if you don’t like it you can short the fire out of that bad boy. Case and point like there’s companies that don’t make any profit so if you take Nikola, NKLA which is supposed to be the tester killer and you can see that it was real volatile when all the promises were made. But where the rubber meets the road and somebody has to build something that actually drives down the road the larger to execute then I guess they thought. And I’m not laughing because it’s funny. Probably a lot of people lost money in that unless they short it in that case they’ve made a lot of money but it will not matter on stuff like that. I have invested as an angel investor just concepts and you’ll never know if you’d be able to get them off the ground execution wise. I’ve also traded companies on the stock exchange that either are wildly profitable or insanely profitable. I’ve done both. It just won’t matter to the stock market. They’ll put it out there and go out to public and do what they will with it. But thanks for the heads up. Trade Thirsty is having a special webinar tonight Wednesday, December 2nd at 7PM. You can read the title obviously. Probably faster than I can say it. I’m going to HYPERLINK you over there to the registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.