Hubert Senters here. First and foremost, happy thanksgiving. If you celebrate it off and if you don’t go to something else obviously. Let’s take a look at here at ADSK breaking out today. And then I’m going to flip over to my Intra-Day execution platform. Let me flip on over there. So this a five minute chart of ADSK. Got little lines right here. I’m going to describe to you what these little lines are doing. Obviously, I want to go long this thing because it’s above the cloud and it’s breaking out. This morning it opened up. It went down to here. And then up to here. I’m going to play the long side so what I’m going to do is I’m going to buy when it goes through $171.26. Now, I’m going to have to zoom this out because this thing breakaway hard and quick. $171.26 and the buystop in other words if I buy it here my stop is going to be $170.41 so at a point change, right. I’m going to risk on this straight. Target one $179.99, Target two $172.43. Obviously, it hit target one and target two really quickly. And now, it’s breaking from you. How do you deal with that situation? Good old trailing stop-loss. You can just do simple, supporting resistance. If it breaks that I’m gone and then the next when you moved up and if it breaks that I’m gone. On your trailing stop-loss on the remaining I recommend you go out a half, a quarter and hold a quarter so your trailing stop-loss on this one would be like $176.86. Now, if you’ve seen this video and going man, I wish I’ve seen this trade. Don’t do it now because you’ve already missed it. But this how I go about the thinking process of scan and execute. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.