Hubert Senters here. We’ve talked about the importance of gaining an edge when you’re intra-day trading index futures. This is going to work good for the S&P, the Dow, the Nasdaq and the Russell bit specifically designed to work for the S&P. I use it a ton with the Dow and the Nasdaq too. So you’re going to get your numbers and in this case scenario we’re doing a continuation on. The numbers is going to be minus $6 or minus $9. Minus $6 is going to be a program buy and minus $9 is going to be a program sell. And then what I’m going to do for me. Here’s I’ve got it set-up. You can set-up anyway you want. This is how I do it though. This is all the price action. And as you can see we’ve only had basically program buy today right here. Now, one thing I would cause you on is I would throw out the first. First is put the lines on here. I put the lines on here. I just do it on the lines and I just move the lines down to the number so minus $6. I will do this right here too. I will also make it have an annoying sound so I’ll right click and I’ll go format horizontal line. I would go alerts. And then I will say alert once per bar and then configure. And then I’ve just got this sound right here. I’ll play it. If you really want to be annoyed and potentially want to hurt yourself then you could use this one right here. Heads up, turn your headphones down. It’s annoying. This one right here it will drive you back shit crazy. But it will get your attention when you see a program buy or a program sell. I did it for a little while but it just draw me crazy so I use the bonk. It’s not as annoying but it still gets my attention. i would do that. Now, what I’d do is I allow this thing. I get the program buy here. I get the program sell there. I allow it to trade for the first two or three minutes without doing anything so the music playing the gap first so you got to let it get in to its pocket so I’m calling this the pocket that we do everyday before the market starts selling. This right here this is the pocket so this one you had the program. It was way up here and then it glide down here and then you just let get inside the pocket. This is one, two, three, four, five, six. The first six minutes of these today was kind of worthless. You really didn’t need to use it. Then it got in this pocket and then program buy right there. It can either touch or close above it. I just do a touch. And then what I’m looking for. Look at that we just have another program buy. Let me grab the Dow really quick. And you can take a look at it really quick. That’s perfect timing right there. This is a 1-minute bar. That’s a 1-minute bar. And you can see how much I overlap this really quickly. You do have to act fairly quickly on this and you can see right there that was a program buying and now you can see it’s going to follow through. So what you have to do in real time to decide and I’ll hear bonk. Ok program buy. I’m going to go long S&P or the Dow or the Nasdaq or the Russell and you can see it’s going up. Right there that’s a perfect example and it’s just lucky to drawl. Program buy it was on this bar and it should drift a little bit higher force. Sometime they’re super violent and poppy. I mean those cruise higher and sometimes just the beginning of something that can continue much higher for you. But that’s how you do it. And I don’t do the last 15 minutes of the market so I throw out the first 5 minutes of the market usually and the last 15 minutes of the trading day and I let it get in to its pocket so then I can trade off of that information. A program buy means I’m going to buy something and then a program sell means I’m going to sell something. Use the S&P, Nasdaq or Dow. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.