Hubert Senters here.

I’ve got a question from Rich. Karen sent me in to this on slack. Hubert here is something that I find complexing price targets. You put out these price targets, top price targets on various stocks and I assume your time frame is short term. They could be either short term medium term or long term depending on what time frame I’m looking at and usually on the daily free videos I don’t really give a time frame. Just because sometimes it can be complex and it depends on every body on the free videos are looking at different time frames.

I would just call them short to midterm time frames not long term ones. Yeah. On the other hand, analysts put out price targets that may be a hundred dollars from the current price target or from the stock price. Okay. For example like Tesla, Apple, etc. Do you have any way to gauge their timeframe when they announce these strategies? Thanks Richard.

Not really Richard unless they just come out and tell you like they say hey we’ve got a target on Amazon. Let’s just do Apple, AAPL sometimes you’ll see and let’s go like what we have a target on Apple at $250. That’s usually by the either the end of the year or at the end of the quarter. But if you pay attention the way they do their analysis on that sometimes they won’t give you a time thing too because it increases the odds of them being wrong on national TV which is not a big deal because every viewer really goes on national TV and calls a bear market or a bull market.

They keep coming on having them on over and over and over again because the public has a short term memory so I don’t know what the big deal is. But I would assume that they’re either doing quarterly or yearly targets unless stated. But in this case if I was looking at Apple and just right off the chart I would say Apple is in a very good uptrend it’s holding the turning line. And then if you want to try to figure out a way when you think Apple is going to hit this most recent resistance area which is actually going to be right about in there.

And remember support and resistance is an area of interest it’s not a dead set pin point laser target then what I would do is I would just go like this. I’ll right click. I’d go insert analysis technique and this would be a way that you could back into it. You could then go Average True Range and you could hit okay and then hit okay. And here it’s saying I got $2.85 out of a range every day on Apple for the past two weeks. That’s just the average.

So what I would do is I would just do a little fuzzy math here. I would say. Right now, it’s trading at $199 so let’s round that to $200. And I think it’s going to go to $215 at that line. Okay. So I will go $215. I’m just doing this. $215 minus $200 which brings me into 15 points. I’m going to round this up to $3. Let’s take 15 and divide it by $2.85. In a perfect world if it kept on that same trajectory then Apple would hit its target of $215 in five point two days.

Now it’s not always just going to go up, right. And nothing’s ever going to go straight down so you’re going to go up for three days down for two to consolidate. So what I would do is I’d multiply that over a time frame that you’re cool with. So then I would then multiply that say times three. So you could say over the next three weeks Apple might hit $215. That’s how I handle that stuff the time. It’s hard to do price targets and time accurately. Sometimes you can sometimes you can’t. And it’s got it’s got to do with a little bit of experience too.

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Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.