Hubert Senters here. Got a question from Antonio. With the recent gap up on Apple. Is this a possible bracket trade? Or was is not enough of a gap up to qualify as a bracket trade? Please advise. Let’s take a look at really quick. So here’s a snapshot of Apple. I would say that qualifies now. Obviously the bigger the price stock the bigger the gap you want to be. But that would be a fine bracket trade. These are all bracket trades right here. That’s a gap. So yes, that would qualify as a bracket trade in my opinion. And as of today it will be a long if you did a trade above the most recent bracket high. I’m going to try to get this accurate if we can. So it did trade above $127.91 but it didn’t close above it. It depends on your rule set like some people are just going to say hey, long you just touch it and goes through it, I’m good. Let’s get long. Other folks are going to say No. I need it to close above that line and that’s where it really pays dividend in spades if you have your dedicated trading plan ahead of time. And then you can kind of execute it so you don’t have to look am I doing it tradeable or close above because at that point you’re just going to be confused. So make sure you have a plan and then execute the said plan. I’m going to be introducing Steven Brooks tonight on this webinar December 16th at 7PM EST. How to Generate Weekly Income with Options. If you have struggled with trading Steven’s strategy and his tactics and they’re super simple you’d be able to pull them off so I’ll HYPERLINK to the registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.

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