Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at a really easy way to scan the market. I use tradestation. You can use whatever platform you want. Some platforms have this ability, some don’t so just depending on what platform you use. So this is just a walkthrough of one of the reasons I like to use tradestation, it’s got a built-in thing called radar screen which is like excel spreadsheet on steroids. So what I can do here really quickly with tradestation is I can tell it like price location. I can double left click and it’ll sort forming the new stuff that’s newly above or below the cloud, new above and then it will do that in order. And I’ve got these broken down in subcategories like indexes your X, interest rate stuff like that. So a good example of this would be like out here. So now if I select price location double click it is a new below so I know that AVY is newly below the cloud but I probably don’t want to trade that because this number right here is $13.72 which is the ADX reading. If the ADX reading is below $20 it will be red. If it’s above $20 it will be yellow sounds like ‘’no sense, I’m really looking at AVY.’’ I can look at it but I probably don’t want to trade it right. So I would switch back down here to city bank and say ‘’ok, this is newly below the cloud and it’s also trending’’ and that way I can — it’s just a really efficient way and a very effective way of scanning for trades. So when I do my homework I can do it in usually less than 10 minutes on a daily basis when the market closes or if I didn’t do that before. Get up early first thing in the morning I scan really quickly and I know exactly what I’m looking to trade that day. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.