Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at gold. This is the big GC contract. And as of today it bounced up $4.90 which meets my criteria for getting long. That’s up more than $3. I’m going to be doing a gold trading seminar on a webinar tonight. I’ll link to that later in the video.

But let me walk you through the criteria that I’m looking for one on one in a major uptrend above the cloud. Some positive expectation that’s going to go higher. I want it to then pull back for me which it’s in the process of doing. And then I want to start to bounce so I can get long that creature. Okay.

And then I’ll look on the smaller time frames in this example. This is a 10 minute chart I’ll move it over here to the right. The 10 minute crossed above the cloud and that’s good. But that signals usually good for about three to five hours. I want to be in this thing for days weeks or even months so I can make some more money.

So then the second thing I want to look for is a potential hourly signal which will give me days. So first in order to hold it for weeks I’ve got to hold it for days in order to hold it for months it’s got to be in weeks.

So it’s just at the bottom of the cloud so if it crosses over the next few days at around $1510 to $1550 I can add more to my position so it’d be like so say I’m flat I’m not but let’s pretend I was.

I would go long right up in here above the cloud either one, two or three bars above the cloud and then I would also get a little bit long one two or three bars above the hourly cloud. That way I can build a position so I’m not just catching a falling knife going who I think I’ll and it’s gone, wrong wrong wrong wrong.

Oh, wait for the bounce and then I get long as it’s going up and so it has to be at least up 3 on the day and fulfill one or both of those criteria. Like I said I’m doing a special gold trading webinar tonight. I will HYPERLINK to that.

Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video.