Hubert Senters here.

This is an introduction video. I am traveling. I’ll be in Vegas this week. And Mark Helweg is going to be filling in for me so I’m just letting you know so you’re not surprised. Without further ado, I’m going to turn it over to Mark. Mark take it away. Thank you Hubert.

We hope you’re having a great time in Vegas. Hey, everyone this is Mark with 3X options top trade tools. Let’s take a look at three patterns or indicators right now that are forecasting bullish predictions for stocks.

This first one is called the top tick tracker. It’s a derivation or it’s an indicator based off of the NYSE tick which is internals measure of the broad based engaged buying or engaged selling on this New York Stock Exchange.

So Green would indicate that the buyers are right now stronger than the sellers. Longer and kind of intermediate term I should say in the stock market so prices continue going upward. And today, we should have a positive opening as well.

The second thing I’m looking at here is an upward trend line that’s connecting lows going back to late 2018. And you’ll notice that one of the big test was October how would the stock market act during October coming down to test this trend line and sure enough strong buying came in support of stocks. Anytime, it got close to the trend line. And this gave us a strong indication that the stock market currently is in strong hands. The buyers are still very much in control. This was a great a great indication or great tell again that the stock market is likely heading higher.

Lastly and probably most importantly is the set-up I’m seeing in the monthly cycle indicator. This is what’s called an elevated cycle low. I talked about this in yesterday’s video and we’re seeing this on a monthly chart. When that happens on a monthly chart similar to what happened back call it in third quarter of 2017.

We got a very strong up move in stocks. This is a very strong swing trading set-up in this case very bullish. We should see stocks continue higher through the end of the year barring some unforeseen circumstances or something crazy happening in the world right now the stock market appears to be in very strong hands.

Lastly don’t forget Friday at noon ‘’How to Potentially Profit from Huge Market Moves without Having to Predict the Direction’’ responsible for price moves like this and profits like this targeting explosive profits in a very short period of time without having to predict the direction. I’ll take you to the REGISTRATION page right after this video. That’s Friday noon Eastern. Look forward to seeing you there. Thanks for watching everyone. And as always good luck trading.