Why Did AAPL Sell Off

Why Did AAPL Sell Off

Hubert Senters here. Some people asked me why I was doing a live webinar on Friday what happened to Apple. Judge put down a ruling that Apple will no longer be able to force their app developers to pay them 15 to 30 percent on in-app purchases. So anytime,...
Why Did AAPL Sell Off

KLAC Breakout Trade with Targets

Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at KLAC so KLAC has a nice little breakway gap. It does have some overhead resistance that it looks like it’s probably going to clear overall the bracket trade. You could follow the methodology and not break the rules...

$7 Options Master Strategy

Check out my friend, Serge Berger, as he reveals the master of all options strategies below.


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