Unedited – Monthly Newsletter

Thanks for the response, we had an overwhelming number of comments. Here is a 15 minute unedited video newsletter, that is then edited and converted into a physical newsletter. You get the raw video version.
– Hubert

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  1. Randy B. says:

    Thanks for recording . Great Work Hubert!

  2. HENDERSON says:

    Hi Hubert,
    As U said in the news letter sell in May & go away,that what i’ll be doing, along with my Laptop. I mainly swing trade, make more money, was loosing when day trading. On (PEG) trade, i check it out on the Bar-chart, very interesting!!. Is it possible to recap on some of the (January-Effect-pick). Most of your students are waiting to join U in your NEW trading room , hope very soon, keep the good work up. Thank’s H.

  3. Sheryl Haase says:

    Thank you Hubert. I really appreciate your explanations and a little bit slower, southern style – very important for those in learning mode. 🙂

  4. Thanks Hubert!!

  5. Thanks again Hubert for all you do for us. As a:”newbee” to this business I appreciate your efforts to make us better at doing this business. You have a great way of explaining this “stuff”. You’re on the map!

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