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  1. Hi Hubert,
    Always good stuff from ya. Thanks again. Bob

  2. Hubert I’m alive! Love the tips! How about TOS?
    Cheers. Jack

  3. Thanks for the tips. Very helpful.

  4. Good stuff.We need more info on TOS.

    I want to use value charts too ,on TOS

  5. tx v helpful

  6. Durel "BUSTER" McIntyre says:

    I do like this type of video because I am NOT an expert with the functions of my computer.

  7. always enjoy your hints. by the way spoke to Angela @ TTM today. she was very pleasent, helpful and personable. a keeper for certain. you must have hired her. by the way have you ever seen the pointer arrow half red half blue? if so where do you get it? bob

  8. It was a real good topic to cover simple but informative. I would like more of these Tradestation “Pointers”


  9. Aloha, Hubert….

    Enjoy the TradeStation tips! You can relax on TOS; it’s not all that great on charting, backtesting, and analysis. I joined TTM several years ago because you are a TradeStation shop, so don’t back away from that! TS continues to be the industry leader that everyone else is trying to catch up to.

    BTW, Snap Mode is great! When you want to place a trend line or other price based tool at the exact high or low of a price bar, trying to zoom in and maneuver the mouse can be a real chore. I was happy TS added that feature.

    Please give us some more TS tips and tricks!


    • Bill

      No worries I understand where you coming from TS is still my got to platform.
      Yep snap tool is great for some thing a useless for other.

      I will keep adding TS tips.

      Hope it helps

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