How to risk $125 to make $1056

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  1. hubert been watching some of ur videos. it looks like u take small losses and huge profits. r these trades something that u do in ur chat room for the $300 a month. i was thinking of trying it for a month

  2. hey hubert, I bought the TTM Value Chart years ago, it should be the same as the MQ VC right?

  3. david Lyman says:

    Hi Hubert. I am going to sign up for Trade Station so that I can use your indicators. Who is your rep there? (I need to select one before I can sign up, and I am hoping to select yours.)
    PS: I REALLY enjoyed peeking over your shoulder on Thursday in the TTM trading room! The guy you were with asked great follow up questions that filled in a lot of gaps that I had on a number of issues.

    • David

      Trade Station changes our up on us from time to time.
      I will find how who it is and sent it to you.

      Glad you like the back and forth with him.
      Fill gaps is a good thing.


  4. Where does one get value charts? Have bought all the TTM indicators and don’t see this product there.

    • Don Bee

      You can get it a I use to offer a Version of it.
      But now that it is Trademarked. The best way to get it is direct from the source.

      let me know if you want it i might be able to get you a discount of some kind.

      Hope it helps

  5. Paul Ellenbogen says:

    Is the indicator you used in this video., “risk $125 to male $1056” the Gold Spike indicator that comes with the gold webinar?

    • Paul Ellenbogen

      The Indicator that used in the video is a value chart indicator.
      It’s a play on the gold bug trade.
      It is not included in the course but the attendees will have the chance to get it a discount.

      Hope it helps

  6. Mark Bourdo says:

    Hub . . . . Still waiting on a picture posted of your Bat Cave!! 🙂 Enjoy your market insite. Keep posting good info. Thanks


  7. Hi Hubert, can I check with you the setting you are using on the value chart please as mine seems a little off compared to yours – it’s close but not exactly the same (am using 14 bars like yours but comparing my chart to teh one in the video mine gives 2 red tips, the first being a few bars earlier).


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