How to Add a Symbol to the Bottom in Trade Station

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Tiny’s Video Update – How to Clear Your Cache in Trade Station

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How to Center Price Action on Charts

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Symbol Link Across Multiple Workspaces

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Trade Station Symbol Link

Hit the Full Screen button and then click the video to make the play/pause menu disappear. … [Read more...]

Trade Station Center Last Price

Watch this video to learn how to center the last price in Trade Station. … [Read more...]

TradeStation Big Pointer

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TradeStation Customize Toolbar

  Access using the menu bar View > Toolbars > Customize menu sequence, and select the Toolbars tab.   Access using the menu bar View > Macros menu sequence, or from the main toolbar Macros button. Click the Toolbars button, and select the Toolbars tab. TradeStation Customize … [Read more...]

Trade Station View Toolbars

Quick Video on how to View the TradeStation tool bar. Hope it helps Remember to leave a comment. … [Read more...]

How to Change Time frames on Your Charts

This is a simple way to change time on your charts. Leave a comment below … [Read more...]