How to Setup a Scan in Think or Swim

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How to Install a Custom Study into Think or Swim

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Make Ichimoku in Think or Swim look like Hubert’s

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How to Fix Video Issues in Chrome Browser

      For Firefox, just refresh the current webpage and the video should load. … [Read more...]

How to Edit the Gold Indicators in Think or Swim

Where to Find Each Indicator in the Video: Good Night Gold: Beginning - 4:30 Gold Rush : 4:30 - 6:09 Gold Spike : 6:09 - End … [Read more...]

Live Pit Audio

Live pit audio is a great tool. I use it every time I trade. Question From Sanjay: What Service do you use for live pit audio and what is a paper seller:Here is the service I use for live pit audio: this for a Coupon code for a 50% discount: Coupon: … [Read more...]

Earnings Date for Stocks

Earnings for stocks can make you or break you. If you trade a lot of stocks it can be hard to keep track of everything. Here is what I use. What do you use? Remember to leave your vote or a comment below.     … [Read more...]

Best Economic News Calendar

Best Economic News Calendar

This is the best Economic News Calendar in my Option its the easier is use. What is you favorite Economic News Calender to use? Post your Favorite in the comments section below. … [Read more...]